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Power & Purpose Coaching

You have the power to create a magical life fueled by your vision and imagination. As your coach, I’ll help you identify and understand what moves and enlivens you — which is a source of empowerment.  Linking this awareness to your day-to-day existence unleashes your creativity and personal power.  Contact Lisa

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Life Change Coaching

The first step to making significant life changes is to recognize that your perceptual biases keep you from seeing how things actually are. The life change coaching process I use unpacks the biases that strangle your awareness so you have more freedom to create your life intentionally. From there, anything is possible. Contact Lisa

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Relationship Coaching

Our preconceived notions about people often prevent us from seeing who they really are. I coach my clients to own their feelings so you are no longer living in reaction to what others do or say — but in reflection of your own values and desires. This enables you to make wiser choices, create movement in relationships that were stuck, and move forward.   Contact Lisa

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Energy Leadership Coaching

Using the Energy Leadership Index (E.L.I.) as a tool, I will help you understand the 7 levels of leadership and the kinds of communication that pertain to each level. With this awareness, I can coach you how to consciously navigate between levels to achieve higher performance as a leader of a situation, team or company. Contact Lisa


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quotebeforeSince starting coaching with Lisa I have found inspiration and motivation within myself and I am incredibly grateful for that. The insight she provides is refreshing and, more importantly, non-judgmental. I now have a clear goal in my mind and have been successful in each step I have taken towards that goal.

Blythe Kriete, Pre-Med Student



7 Steps to an Appreciative and Deeply Rewarding Life

When you go from functioning to living gratefully, there are no limits to what you can achieve.

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“Each of us is divine creative force embodied.”

Lisa Brick

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