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quotebeforeI hired Lisa two years after a severe stroke. Her coaching allowed to get a new perspective on life. With her support I was able to accept what had happened and move forward with an optimistic attitude and renewed optimism. I went from being stuck in a care facility to living independently. Her facilitation made a world of difference in improving my emotional recovery as well as in my physical progress.

Additionally Lisa introduced me to an experienced acupuncturist. This further helped me to feel the left side of my body and noticeably improved the blood circulation in my left leg and arm.

I heartily recommend Lisa as a coach. She went above and beyond the Call of Duty to support me. Lisa has an attitude of abundance, wisdom, and practical knowledge in addition to being an experienced and professional coach.quoteafter

Neil Cooper,


quotebeforeI turned to Lisa because I wasn’t satisfied with what I was doing with my life and did not know what changes I wanted to make. There were so many choices of where I could live and what I could choose to do I felt lost, incapable of deciding, and down on me. I found my focus on a deeper level, what really moved and inspired me, which made choosing possible. Working with Lisa has given me the clarity and focus to move forward in my life and understand my role in the creation of my reality. I am also better able to coach myself through life’s surprises. I am so grateful for her insights and warmth.quoteafter

Shira, Massage Therapist


quotebeforeMy work with Lisa is transformative. I began to notice how the way I spoke to myself contributed to my not being able to smoothly accomplish objectives in building my business. I’ve also learned how to do two things at the same time and am developing the muscles to switch between things easily. While solidly recognizing what values are important to me, I am developing a business that is true to these values. The outcome is a solid growth of a business and a sense of peace about the process.

Mary Burns Hoff, Professional Coach
New York, Pennsylvania


quotebeforeMy life collapsed in 1986 when I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). I was forced to give up an exciting and lucrative job in Manhattan. At first I could do nothing but sleep. I struggled to get through my days as a mom. While I improved slowly I continued to be debilitated by the condition. Acupuncture at the Acupuncture Center of New Jersey was a great help yet since I began coaching I am feeling better emotionally and physically than I have since I was first hit with CFS. I actually feel GOOD, more confident, relaxed, healthier, and overall BETTER! The best is that I feel FREE, finally grounded in me. After years of watching my wonderful spouse leave the house to pursue activities with his abundant energy, now he’s asking me when I’ll be home! Coaching gave me something to move forward with. I walked away from each call with actionable steps. I am amazed how much I accomplished in so little time. This was a true true investment in myself. I had no idea how much coaching with Lisa could transform a physical condition for the better. This is the best money I ever spent!

CL, Administrative Executive


quotebeforeI have been coaching with Lisa and as a result have been experiencing a remarkable freedom and clarity. Truly I had no idea how much fear and early programming  were interrupting the life I had envisioned, particularly the way I wanted to feel in my life. I had created momentum but forward movement was taking great effort and it felt as though each step forward included a few steps back and forth to make it there. I felt as if I could see where I wanted to be only a few feet away, but was baffled at why I wasn’t landing there. I did a tremendous amount of work to try to get there. Trying never worked. Imagine creating new habits that allow for energy and vitality — that is what became possible for me in breaking through fears, particularly unconscious ones, and early programming that I was still operating from. Freedom from obstruction allows me access to my personal power and opened the gates for me. The vision for my life, especially how I want my life to feel, is my consistent reality now allowing for the joy and success I could not get to before this.

Fiona Stevens, Entrepreneur


quotebeforeLisa’s brilliant laser-focused, judgment free, humanistic insights have helped me tremendously. I’ve let go of old patterns of behavior that had me tied in knots. Through our work together I now see new ways to approach what were once challenging situations and see possibilities in life that I couldn’t see before. Her emphasis on taking real-life steps to create my life the way I want it has brought a fulfillment and passion back in every aspect of my life from passion in my love life to family relationships and career.

SK, Fine Artist & Designer
Brooklyn, NY


quotebeforeMy work with Lisa exceeded my expectations. I was impressed at how quickly I felt at ease speaking with her. The depth and insight she brought to our conversations was transformative. I’ve not only achieved the goal that had me hire her, I’ve changed my attitude about myself and my world and have made important changes in areas that were previously unapproachable for me. I recommend her to anyone as a great coach.

BS, Medical Practitioner
New Jersey


quotebeforeIn just four months I gained more insight, perspective, and sense of peace within myself than I had in years of therapy. Lisa is like a laser beam, able to focus me on exactly what was missing in my life. Filling in those holes has brought me enormous joy, peace and as sense of being grounded in who I am at my core. I feel like I have finally come home within myself, and found happiness here.

CS, Executive Administrator
New Jersey


quotebeforeI am a late 40 something divorced mom with special needs kids and few resources. When I first reached out to Lisa my confidence in myself was at an all time low. I saw no prospects for my future. My children were aging out of qualifying for child support and I had dedicated myself to their schooling and competency for the past decade and a half. Within six months of coaching and with minimal resources I was enrolled in graduate school for a career that inspires me and I was awarded my masters degree in December.  The transformation I made has been remarkable, with things falling into place in a manner I would not have believed possible prior to coaching. She reminded me that miracles do happen and I can participate in that process. ”

LP, Mediator

quotebefore I have been working with Lisa Brick as my coach for over two years, focusing on routine day to day money and work issues as well as larger life matters. I experience the work as mutual and collaborative, evoking perspectives and, under Lisa’s guidance, evolving insights leading to specific practical steps. Key to the process is natural and systematic follow-up. The results have been most impressive. The sessions are a constant source of renewal. I highly recommend Lisa.quoteafter

JO, International Business Law

Creative Inspiration

quotebefore While I am a successful author and illustrator, there are times when a project, or with work in general, I need a way to propel myself and find structure. Coaching with Lisa gives me both, and a new way of looking at my work.quoteafter

Melissa, Author/Illustrator

Inner Freedom

quotebefore I am finding the freedom to transform the exact life I have into a life that nourishes and inspires me now. I am no longer waiting.quoteafter

Name Withheld, Spouse/Parent


quotebefore After just one session with Lisa my self esteem was renewed. She’s been an incredible resource for me as I’m making decisions and experiencing life in new ways. The insight she provides is refreshing and, more importantly, non-judgmental.  Almost everything that she has brought to my attention has been helpful to me on a daily basis. Since starting with Lisa I have found inspiration and motivation within myself and I am incredibly grateful for that. I now have a clear goal in my mind and have been successful in each step I have taken towards that goal.quoteafter

Blythe Kriete, Pre-Med Student

Clarity and Self-Expression

quotebefore I utilized the coaching services of Lisa Brick when I had to deal with a difficult and potentially damaging work issue. I was having a hard time seeing a clear path forward and felt conflicted in my potential response to this issue. I found the coaching with Ms. Brick to be incredibly useful and effective in identifying a position I could take that would put me on firm ground, stay true to who I am but also let everyone involved know what I stood for in a very positive manner. The result was I was able to resolve the conflict from a position of strength that I could feel good about with my integrity intact. I would certainly recommend the services of Ms. Brick to anyone dealing with a similarly challenging work or life issue.quoteafter

Sales Director Pharma Co.


quotebefore Coaching with Lisa is a spiritual awakening experience. I always looked forward to our coaching sessions because I knew I would feel that much more motivated, aligned, passionate, and confident in myself; for her light and airy demeanor put any fears and doubts at bay. The work I’ve done with her has allowed me to clarify and honor my core values and empowered me to live life more consciously and purposefully. I was able to tap into my spiritual core during sessions and experience an emotional cleansing that continues to feel rejuvenating and peaceful long after our calls have ended. I’m so grateful to have experienced her remarkable talent! She is a kindred spirit with a grace, warmth, and understanding that remains with me.quoteafter

Robin Sampson, First Circle Leaders


quotebefore One of the greatest life abilities I’ve developed through coaching with Lisa is to love people for who they are and for who they’re not. This is probably one of the hardest life lessons ever to cross my path. Because of my work with Lisa I am vigilantly observing my thoughts, my responses, my attitude, my beliefs and my habits with regard to the relationships in my life. My relationships have improved significantly through this work, with special appreciation of what it has allowed with my husband and children. The tools, concepts, and “loving kindness” approach in which Lisa coaches, and the dedication that Lisa has toward coaching and her client’s success, has been the key element to my being able to take responsibility for who I am and how I relate to other people.
Most importantly, I am now loving who I am and who I’m not. VERY POWERFUL stuff! quoteafter

Ali Skylar, Author/Blogger/Mom/
New Jersey


quotebefore I coached with Lisa Brick a few years back. Recently I was looking for a file and came across the notes I saved from the time I coached with her. I was suddenly flooded by a sea of positive emotions, fueled by the realization that all of the goals we had coached around had come to fruition. I am experiencing more love in my intimate relationships with my wife and children, greater financial success in my business, a sense of service and purpose fueled by my entry into the non- profit fundraising world, and an overall sense that I had reached a stage of life where wisdom is starting to percolate up and that everything is poised for a second stage of passionate and effective work activity reflecting my deepest values. The clarity and focus I reached working with Lisa had a direct relationship to the shifts that have allowed my life to move from what it was then to where it is now.quoteafter

JOSEF KOTTLER, Business Owner


quotebefore My mother recommended I speak with Lisa. After just one session with her my self esteem was renewed. She’s been an incredible resource for me as I’m making decisions and experiencing life in new ways. The insight she provides is refreshing and, more importantly, non-judgmental. Almost everything that she has brought to my attention has been helpful to me on a daily basis. Since starting with Lisa I have found inspiration and motivation within myself and I am incredibly grateful for that. I now have a clear goal in my mind and have been successful in each step I have taken towards that goal. quoteafter

BD, College Student


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“The idea you hold of yourself is a tiny fraction of who you are and what you are capable of.”

Lisa Brick

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