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abstract flock of birds - orange sunsetI coach according to one simple and basic principle: To thy own self be true. Every human being has a unique set of experiences and perspectives she/he brings to coaching. My role is to help you identify and understand what moves and enlivens you. This is where your personal power resides. By becoming more aware of and linking that power to your day-to-day existence, you begin to shift from how your life is now to how you desire it to be.

Here are a few key principles that inform how I will be coaching you…

Listen to your authentic self.
With the increased self-awareness that develops during coaching, you begin to notice that you are not the thousands of thoughts you entertain each day. You are the space in which these thoughts arise. As you begin to pick and choose your thoughts you discover an authentic part of you that is curious and enlivened by the possibilities inherent in being alive.

Discover how, by making your thought process conscious, you can create a life you enjoy living.

What you think is what you sow.
Most of us use our minds automatically rather than intentionally — the cart directing the horse. As you begin to examine your thoughts in the light of awareness you’ll discover how, thoughts that limit you — and your possibilities — begin to dissolve.

Choose which thoughts to invest in. What you think has an enormous influence on what you attract.

The ability to respond, rather than re-act, to life frees you to make profound changes.
Mindful living takes place when we recognize that how we perceive things to be is not how they actually are, but how they “seem” to be to us. Understanding and practicing the ability to separate “what seems to be” from “what actually is” allows us to move from merely reacting to life to living creatively with purposeful intention.

Responding to life with intentional is infinitely more enjoyable than reacting and continually recreating what you feel stuck experiencing. As you practice responding you transform your life!

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quotebeforeWhile I am a successful author and illustrator, there are times when a project, or with work in general, I need a way to propel myself and find structure. Coaching with Lisa gives me both, and a new way of looking at my work.

Melissa, Author/Illustrator



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“Through coaching with me you will discover where you feel limitless, powerful, passionate, and clear
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